SIDCO Minerals, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of iron carbonate in the North American hemisphere.  Mined from pure lenses of siderite ore, we have been producing and marketing this high iron content ore since 1962.



This naturally occurring, organic ore has a high iron content and low heavy metals which makes it an exceptional iron source for many applications. SIDCO Minerals supplies this product to our customers who’s markets cover the globe.


Established in 1962 by Mathis & Mathis Mining Co., this business was passed onto the next generation in 1993 when the business was purchased by the next generation of mineral processors. The the main market for iron carbonate was initially established in the animal feed industry through scientific research and trials which revealed iron carbonate as an excellent bio-available iron source for animal nutritional. Continuous research and development by Sidco minerals and its partners has uncovered many attributes of this mineral which has shown potential in many applications including environmental remediation.