Siderite or iron carbonate is mined in East Texas from lenses of high purity ore. After being dried, crushed and processed from the rich deposits, the ore is shipped to our customer who span the globe.



Our customers has been purchasing our iron carbonate product on average for thirty years. That says a lot about the product and the name that stands behind it. Traditional family values are still in effect but coupled with newer efficiencies and a strong emphasis on quality control. Our iron carbonate product is available in two different sizes; powder ( 90% thru #100 mesh) and granular (typically #4 to #40 mesh). Packaging for the powdered mesh is available in 50 lb. or 22.67 Kg paper bags or 2,000 lb. totes. Granular is sold in bulk or 2,000 lb. totes. Pricing is available upon request.